About Us.

about us

We have been providing software solution to personal, small and medium enterprises (SME) for more than 10 years. During pre-sales period, we will carry out preliminary study on customer organization’s structure and her needs. We will provide advice, suggestion and solution and see how our software can blend with customer’s business to handle all the daily tasks.
During implementation, we will provide training, support and step by step guide to make sure that all the people, department and process can run smoothly. These support and guidance will continue even after sales to tackle any problem that may arise. We even go further by holding seminar and  providing info on IT trend & solution so that you can tap into the best and latest technology to expand your business.

Investing in software is a very smart move in business process and as a software solution company,  we will ensure all the things are done right from start until the end during the computerized process.

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