SQL GST Update Training – Open to our customers

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Training Date
21/12/2016 9:00am - 12:00pm  
Topics to be discussed :
  1. Where to get more tutorial for SQL System ?
  2. New Tax Codes
  3. GST Amendment Announcement
  4. GST-03 Amendment in SQL
  5. GST Listing Pivot Table
  6. Set correct financial start period.
  7. How to remove de-register date ?
  8. How to view double entry for a document ?
  9. Tools > Analyse Data Integrity
  10. How to backup SQL database ?
  11. How to upgrade SQL version ?
  12. Lock and block user from changing Transaction
  13. Year end processing
  14. GST for past documents/opening balances of debtors and creditors
  15. How to check if trial balance not tally ?
  16. What to check before GST submission
  17. Cross checking reports to ensure accuracy of SQL.
Venue : At our office training room, computers will be provided.

Language : English or Chinese

Duration : 3 hours 
Seats are limited. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. For everyone to have a chance, one company or group of companies can only send 2 participants. To send more than that, please seek approval from us.
For general enquiry, please call/fax 085-428003.
Speaker : Mr Bong (contact : bong@istc.com.my, 016-870-9003)
Fee : Free

Cancellation of attendance : Please inform us ASAP if you cannot make it to the talk after you register so as to make way for others to attend. 

Training material : It will be sent to you through email. So email must be provided during registration. You are advised to print the material and bring it to the training.